PINNACLE FITNESS & TRAINING CENTER - "where pinnacle results are achieved"
studio for those who understand the value and importance of a healthy life.
"If consumed daily, routine exercise is the fountain of youth"
The time is now! Get up, get out, and get moving closer to a healthier more fit & happier lifestyle. Pinnacle Fitness & Training Center can help. 

Ten reasons why you should have a trainer
1) You have never worked out before!
2) You have an injury or ailment that you feel may hinder you exercising.
3) You want to reach a goal, in the shortest amount of time.
4) Your workout partner sucks,(keep canceling, talks a lot, unmotivated).
5) Your getting older and you should maintain as much muscle density as possible. Safely!
6) You play sports and want to be better than everyone else.
7) You will become knowledgeable on fitness and health each session.
8) Your preteen, or teen needs to become more active.
9) Your tired of the same routine and you wanna be challenged.
10) Your tired of how you look and want a total body and health make over now!
Call today and receive a free fitness consultation, evaluation, and trial personal training session!
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We also offer In-home personal training service for the New York/New Jersey area. Inquire if interested.
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Pinnacle Fitness & Training Center
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